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COVID-19 Birding Tour Considerations

The social, economic and health costs of the COVID-19 lockdown are devastating, especially to the poor, and we believe it is important to move slowly to some form of normality. After careful consideration following our complete shutdown, we have recently decided to run some limited birding tours, with certain common sense precautions in place.

Physical Distancing

  • Thankfully birding areas are generally remote and uncrowded, and it should be easy to maintain physical distancing of at least 2m (with exceptions for close family members)
  • Vehicles will not be full to capacity to ensure that occupants have extra space
  • Meals will be taken outside when possible, and physical distancing encouraged, especially indoors

Hand Hygiene

  • Washing hands frequently will be encouraged
  • We will have hand sanitizer available throughout the trip, but all guests should also carry and use their own
  • In general we will minimise the different places at which we eat, usually relying on the hotels at which we are staying, where we have more control over their standards

Respiratory Hygiene

  • Whenever physical distancing cannot be reliably achieved, or where additional local restrictions are in place, face masks must be worn
  • This includes in vehicles, and indoors in the presence of others
  • When convenient, windows in vehicles will be kept open instead of using air conditioning, to allow good ventilation

Ultimately the decision to travel should be taken individually. If you are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, i.e. elderly and/or with existing health problems, then we recommend you do not travel. If you are in a low risk category, then we believe that a birding tour in the relatively remote areas we plan to travel to, taking appropriate precautions, represents little additional risk to health. You should also check official advice before deciding whether to travel.

You can view our currently scheduled tours. With us just restarting business, most of these do not have current reservations and hence are very flexible: if the dates or itineraries do not suit you, then contact us with your preferences and we will work with you to come up with a suitable plan.

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