Buddha Garden, Sikkim
Buddha Garden, Sikkim

The Land of Buddha

10 days

Fringed around the vast landscape of India and Nepal, this eight nights and nine days tour is aimed at unfolding Gautam Buddha’s illuminating life of self-realization.

The trip will kickstart in Lucknow from where you will be heading towards Sravasti—one of India’s ancient cities that rose to fame during Buddha’s lifetime. The place is acknowledged amongst Buddhist communities around the globe for beautifully preserving the centuries-old Jetvanaram and Angulimala’s stupas.

Lumbini is the next destination in focus. Situated in Nepal this rose to prominence for being the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama before he became Shakyamuni Buddha. Holding the designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site, the place is dotted with several stupas belonging to various Buddhist countries including Japan, China, Vietnam, commemorating the teaching of Buddha.

After two days stay in Lumbini we will be heading towards Kushinagar— a significant pilgrimage site where Lord Buddha took his last breath. Today the place resonates with Buddhist hymns creating tranquility in the mind.

A few hours from Kushinagar will lead you to Vaishali, yet another place that has deep links with Buddhism and Buddha.

Bodhgaya and Varanasi are the last two destinations you will be visiting before the culmination of the tour. While Bodhgaya is a place where Buddha attained enlightenment, Varanasi beautifully carries stupas and ruins belonging to the Buddha.

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