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Run 24 for Snow Leopards

We should have spent the next week in Hemis National Park in Ladakh, on our quest to see Snow Leopards. Unfortunately, Covid-19 put a stop to that. However, we can at least spend the day when we might well been watching these beautiful creatures with a Run 24 for Snow Leopards!

Starting on Saturday 12 September, Charu Mishra, Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Trust, will be running for 24 hours consecutively—yes, you read that right: 24 hours non-stop[1]—to raise awareness for endangered species and ecosystems, such as the Snow Leopard in the desolate mountains of South and Central Asia.

Run 24 for Snow Leopards
Run 24 for Snow Leopards

Read more about Charu and Run 24 for Snow Leopards. You can also join in with your own activity—doesn’t have to be for 24 hours though! Even if you don’t do that, please do consider making a donation, however small.

  1. barring stops for necessary bodily functions!↩︎

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