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The Bubo Birding Difference

Bubo Birding is a birdwatching tour operator with a difference. Of course we aim to show you the most sought-after birds and fantastic wildlife experiences wherever our travels across India take us, but we also directly and indirectly contribute to ‘better birding’ and conservation initiatives within the country.

This website provides resources for anyone planning a trip to India, whether independently, with another tour operator, or with us. These include the most accurate and useful checklists and daily logs for completing in the field, information about all bird species, including where and how to best see key targets, and detailed guides to the main birding sites. If you need anything else, just ask us!

Watch Mike talk about the Bubo Birding difference

Even though he has spent many years living and working and birding in India, Bubo Birding’s founder Mike Prince continues to remain in awe of the wonderful and diverse experiences that the country provides. At the same time it is remarkable how much we don’t yet know about the birdlife around us. Bubo Birding developed out of the desire to ‘show off’ India’s wonderful wildlife, whilst directly improving our understanding of the birds in the country, developing ornithology in India, and spreading awareness of conservation issues and programmes.

Who is Bubo Birding for?

  • If you’ve ever been thinking about coming to India but have been hesitant for any reason, we promise you a hassle-free and spectacular birding trip!
  • If you’ve already been birding in India, it’s a big country and there are still many fantastic places and marvellous birds for you!
  • If you’re here already, isn’t it an amazing place that you can never tire of?! Where is your next Indian birding destination going to be?

Bubo Birding Tours

Bubo Birding caters for anyone with an interest in birds, but especially those interested in a little more than just getting the largest trip list* they can. We provide birding tours with a difference, that make a difference…

Mike Prince
Mike Prince
  • Logistics provided by Asian Adventures, Indian pioneer in responsible wildlife tourism
  • 1% of the tour cost goes directly to a conservation fund supporting local projects
  • Mike will add specialist birding knowledge and suggestions for any pre-trip questions and ensure you get the best out of your trip. He’ll also try to identify any tricky photos you have post-trip!
  • You will be provided with the most accurate and useful pre-trip checklists available from any bird tour company!
  • Encouraging sustainable practices in the places where we stay
  • Itinerary customised to your preference: follow the plan of our tried and tested itineraries, exclude some locations and add others, or do something completely different: we will work with you to come up with your perfect holiday
  • Dates to suit you: all of our tours can run throughout most of the year
  • Birding at your chosen pace: relax and enjoy, or fast-paced to visit more amazing sites!
  • Budget or luxury accommodation: where tour prices are quoted on this website, they are typically based on comfortable mid-range hotels, for a group of just two people. For many places we can offer a wide range of accommodation options, from basic, clean homestays or tented camps, through converted heritage palaces, to modern 5-star luxury hotels
  • Pure birding, or wildlife and culture mix

* If you are interested in an Indian ‘clean-up’ then we’d be happy to help you, but be prepared to accept the odd dip and a few ‘UTVs‘!

Ethical Birding

Bubo Birding follows and encourages ethical birding practices. We are birders ourselves so of course we share the desire to get ‘crippling’ views of as many interesting species as we can. As such we use song and call playback for some difficult to see species, but we strive to minimise any disturbance. Similarly, we are blessed in India with nearly 40 species of owls and we will use a combination of playback and spotlighting to try to see them but, again, carefully balancing our desires to get good views with avoiding too much disturbance to the birds. We can also be content with patiently listening to some threatened species without feeling the need to clamber through the undergrowth in order to get a split-second blurry view of some under-tail coverts!

About Asian Adventures

Tourism for Conservation. Conservation for Tourism.

Asian Adventures 25 years logo

Started by Mohit Aggarwal more than 25 years ago, Asian Adventures has been the pioneer in responsible wildlife tourism throughout the Indian Subcontinent, and is the premier birdwatching tour company in India. It is known for not only giving people an incredible experience but also providing a consistently high quality service.

Asian Adventures is increasingly devoting its energies and resources into conservation projects. 1% of the cost of your tour with Bubo Birding and Asian Adventures goes directly to projects such as:

Asian Adventures logo
  • Cleaning the Himalayas through ‘Zero waste’ garbage disposal solutions, in progress at Pangot village with the help of Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group, and with a view to expand throughout the region
  • Working with a Himalayan community to develop local entrepreneurs and ensure environmental protection
  • Promoting the importance of, and working to conserve, Elephant corridors, together with Wildlife Trust of India
  • Wildlife protection and awareness displays at Corbett Tiger Reserve
  • Electronic fencing at Kaziranga National Park
  • Protecting habitats for butterflies and moths in conjunction with Titli Trust
  • Funding training programmes for the Bagh Foundation in Nandaur Wildlife Sanctuary/Tiger Reserve
  • Sponsorship of Oriental Bird Club

Whether you go through Bubo Birding or direct to Asian Adventures, the tour price is exactly the same. Bubo Birding will add their specialist birding knowledge and suggestions to help you decide on the best possible trip for you (subject to Mike not birding in remote parts of India with no phone signal!) and Asian Adventures will use their vast experience in handling your booking and all logistics. Together we will ensure you get the best out of your trip, wherever in India you decide to go.

India has a lot to offer! We hope to be able to share a little of this with you.

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