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15 days $4,100

Jungle Book Birds and Tigers of Central India

India is blessed with countless wildlife experiences, from the jungles, to the deserts, and everything in between. This tour to… 

5 days $995

Lesser Florican & Leopard Number One!

This short tour targets some special birds associated with the Indian monsoon. The rare endemic Lesser Florican is seldom seen… 

9 days $2,410

Great Indian Bustard and other Rajasthan Birding Highlights

This special tour focusses on one main bird that, sadly, could well be extinct in our lifetimes. As well as… 

12 days $2,000

From Floricans to Cranes: Monsoon and the Tibetan Plateau

India is often known as a land of extremes, and this tour brings you exactly that. We start in the… 

365 days

India 2021

8 days $2,475

Birds & Mammals of Assam

This short tour of Assam visits one of the most beautiful parks in India’s Northeast, followed by the best-known. Manas National… 

8 days $1,900

Lesser Florican & other Birds of the Monsoon

It’s not unusual to escape the European winter for some balmy Indian sun, but what about escaping the European summer… 

15 days $3,890

Western Ghats Endemic Birds

This tour focuses on the endemic birds of the Western Ghats of South India, one of the 36 global biodiversity… 

5 days $850

Birds of the Sundarbans

The Sundarbans National Park is a vast area forming the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India. Part of… 

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Endemic Birds

This tour is a special exploratory tour concentrating on the Nicobar Islands, Great Nicobar in particular. Only in recent years… 

14 days $4,550

Red Panda Special & Birds of North Bengal

The Neora Valley National Park provides fantastic birding and a great introduction to the Eastern Himalayas, with birds more confiding… 

16 days $4,550

Birds of Mishmi Hills & Namdapha

The main focus of this tour is a birding trek through the largest protected area in the Eastern Himalayas, and… 

9 days $1,830

Amazing Amurs of Nagaland

This is a very special tour to experience one of the birding wonders of the entire world. Only in the… 

14 days $3,650

North Sikkim Birds

North and East Sikkim are not regularly visited by birders but provide an excellent variety of East Himalayan birds that… 

6 days $1,500

Brown Bear Special in Ladakh

This is a pioneering short extension to our Ladakh Snow Leopard expedition in search of another awe-inspiring large mammal, the… 

12 days $2,950

Snow Leopard Special in Ladakh

Among the rugged mountain landscapes of Ladakh, lives possibly the most elusive of the big cats: the Snow Leopard. As… 

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