East India

4 tours available

Birds of the Sundarbans

Tue 29 December 2020 – Sat 2 January 2021

5 days


The Sundarbans National Park is a vast area of 4,262 sq. km in India alone, with a much larger portion in Bangladesh, forming the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India. It is a part of the world’s largest delta, formed by the rivers Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna, and is also the world’s largest estuarine forest. In a landscape dominated by great tidal creeks and waterways, the only way to access and enjoy the area is by motorised boat.

The Sundarbans is the home of swimming Tigers, the curious Fishing Cat and Estuarine Crocodiles. The most sought-after birds include Brown-winged Kingfisher, Grey-headed Lapwing, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Buffy Fish Owl, Lesser Adjutant or maybe a Mangrove Whistler.…

Target Species

  • Collared Kingfisher
  • Lesser Adjutant
  • Brown-winged Kingfisher
  • Grey-headed Lapwing
  • Mangrove Whistler
  • Pallas's Fish Eagle
  • Buffy Fish Owl
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Andaman & Nicobar Islands Endemic Birds

Sun 13 – Mon 28 December 2020

16 days

This tour is a special exploratory tour concentrating on the Nicobar Islands, Great Nicobar in particular. Only in recent years have the Government of India issued permits for foreigners to visit, and travel logistics are still unreliable and weather dependent. Great Nicobar is 540 km by sea from Port Blair, with the journey by boat typically taking 2 days and 1 night, but can be up to 4 days. Private helicopter and boat hire may be available, albeit expensive.

The key reason for travelling to the Nicobar Islands, and Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve on Great Nicobar Island in particular, are the additional endemic species, namely Nicobar Megapode, Great Nicobar Serpent Eagle, Nicobar Sparrowhawk, Nicobar Imperial Pigeon, Nicobar Parakeet, Nicobar Jungle Flycatcher, Nicobar Scops Owl and Nicobar Bulbul, plus the newly discovered and as yet undescribed ‘Great Nicobar Crake’.…

Target Species

  • White-bellied Sea Eagle
  • Nicobar Pigeon
  • Andaman Scops Owl
  • White-breasted Woodswallow
  • Eastern Yellow Wagtail
  • White-headed Starling
  • Red-necked Stint
  • Andaman Wood Pigeon
  • Violet Cuckoo
  • Freckle-breasted Woodpecker
  • Nicobar Bulbul
  • Andaman Cuckoo-Dove
  • Andaman Crake
  • Dusky Warbler
  • Black Baza
  • Pacific Reef Heron
  • Long-tailed Parakeet
  • Nicobar Imperial Pigeon
  • Nicobar Scops Owl
  • Collared Kingfisher
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Red Panda Special & Birds of North Bengal

Sun 22 November – Sat 5 December 2020

14 days


The mix of broadleaf and coniferous forests of the Neora Valley National Park provide fantastic birding and a great introduction to the Eastern Himalayas, with birds typically a little more confiding than in the further reaches of Arunachal Pradesh for example. Coupled with the magnificent Singalila National Park, where there is a very good chance of seeing the cutest of mammals, the Red Panda, and this is a marvellous wildlife tour.

We start this tour in the foothills of the Himalayas, between the Teesta and Mahananda rivers, at Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. A wide variety of species, such as Red Junglefowl, Small Pratincole, Crested Treeswift, Green-billed Malkoha, Red-breasted Parakeet, Oriental Pied and Great Hornbills, Little Pied Flycatcher and Orange-bellied Leafbird, is an excellent way to kick off our species list.…

Target Species

  • Black-throated Thrush
  • Bay Woodpecker
  • Black-faced Warbler
  • Himalayan Cutia
  • Black-throated Parrotbill
  • Green-billed Malkoha
  • Darjeeling Woodpecker
  • Golden-naped Finch
  • Rusty-bellied Shortwing
  • Little Bunting
  • Rufous-breasted Accentor
  • Rufous-throated Partridge
  • Little Pied Flycatcher
  • Dark-breasted Rosefinch
  • Rufous-throated Wren-Babbler
  • Red Junglefowl
  • White-gorgeted Flycatcher
  • Brown Parrotbill
  • Orange-bellied Leafbird
  • Gould's Shortwing
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Andamans Endemic Birds

Sat 16 – Thu 21 January 2021

6 days


Pristine beaches, clear waters, sandy shores and beautiful sunsets make the Andaman Islands a tropical idyll. But the main interest for us birders of course will be the 20 endemic and near-endemic birds! Being closer to Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia than India, the avifauna is also closely related to that of southeast Asia.

Our target species will include Andaman Green-Pigeon, Andaman Cuckooshrike, Andaman Crake, Andaman Nightjar, Andaman Scops Owl, Andaman Treepie, Andaman Shama and Andaman Teal – some imaginative naming! – as well as non-endemics that are easier to encounter here than in much of the rest of India, such as Slaty-breasted Rail, Black-naped Tern, Black Baza, Violet Cuckoo and Beach Thick-knee.…

Target Species

  • Long-tailed Parakeet
  • Mangrove Whistler
  • Andaman Cuckooshrike
  • Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler
  • Black-naped Tern
  • Red-throated Pipit
  • Long-toed Stint
  • Andaman Serpent Eagle
  • Edible-nest Swiftlet
  • Andaman Nightjar
  • Andaman Scops Owl
  • White-headed Starling
  • Andaman Cuckoo-Dove
  • Hume's Hawk-Owl
  • Pacific Reef Heron
  • Oriental Reed Warbler
  • White-breasted Woodswallow
  • Andaman Crake
  • Andaman Wood Pigeon
  • Slaty-breasted Rail
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