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Birding in India Webinar Series

With lockdown preventing international visitors from seeing India’s wonderful birds and other wildlife, Bubo Birding and Asian Adventures are taking people on a virtual tour of the country’s hotspots. Below are links to the recent webinars, now available to watch any time, and follow us on Facebook to hear about the next live sessions.

During the pandemic I’ve attended several webinars sent by different organisations. I must say that your webinars are by far the best!

Göran Pettersson, Sweden

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Got any questions about the content of these webinars? Just add a comment below and we’ll reply soon.

Borneo: Land of Primates, Birds, and Cats

The all-round wonderful wildlife of Borneo!

Wildlife of Central India

A virtual journey through Central India—the heart of wild India. It’s not just tigers!

Nagaland and its Amur Falcons

Remarkable culture and birds of Nagaland. And did I mention one million Amur Falcons…?

Birds and Mammals of Ladakh

Unique wildlife and landscapes of the Trans-Himalaya, home to Snow Leopards, beautiful birds, and colourful cultural traditions

Birds of Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Including photos of every single Andaman and Nicobar endemic!

Birding in Goa

Beaches, delicious food, beer, and lots of birds, including the nine kingfishers!

Birding Hotspots of Arunachal Pradesh

Birding Hotspots of Arunachal Pradesh

The very best of the Eastern Himalayas, with a bewildering variety of brilliant birds!

Birds & Wildlife of Bharatpur & Ranthambhore

Journey from the delights of Delhi birding, to the tigers of Ranthambhore, birds of Bharatpur, and crocodiles of the Chambal river

Birding Hotspots of Assam

Learn more about the amazing birdlife of the “Gateway to the North East”, along with insights into Assam’s rich culture

Birding Hotspots of Gujarat

Birding Hotspots of Gujarat

A tour through wetlands, grasslands and saline deserts, coupled with some of the rich culture and history of Gujarat

Birding in Rajasthan

Birding in Rajasthan

A tour of most of the wildlife hotspots across India’s largest state

South Indian Birding Hotspots

South Indian Birding Hotspots

The Western Ghats, from Bangalore through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Himalayan Birding

Himalayan Birding

The entire Himalayas from Kashmir and Ladakh through to Arunachal Pradesh, via Nepal and Bhutan. Phew!

Want to see these places for real?

Thankfully there are few restrictions on domestic travel and it is safe to visit these places now, taking sensible precautions, so contact us if you wish to see our beautiful birds and wildlife in person, and to reserve a future tour when life returns to more like normal.

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