Amur Falcon

Amur Falcon

Falco amurensis

Amur Falcon
Amur Falcon

Amur Falcons have the most spectacular congregations and migration of any raptor, with a million birds staging in Nagaland on their way to southern Africa, a round trip journey of more than 20,000 km each year. In 2012, it was realised that hunting of these birds was happening on a staggering, unprecedented scale—up to 140,000 of these birds were hunted in a single season.

Thankfully, Pangti village in Nagaland is also home to the story of a remarkable community conservation and education project, which you can see all about in the video below.

This is an extract from a Bubo Birding webinar about the Birds and Culture of Nagaland. Do watch the recording of the full webinar, and see more of India’s birds, wildlife, and culture, through our Birding in India webinar series.

We are grateful to Conservation India for their Amur Falcon campaign , and for much of the content we used in this video.

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Range Map

Distribution map (SoIB 2020)
Amur Falcon distribution

SoIB 2020. State of India's Birds factsheet: Amur Falcon Falco amurensis Accessed on 2024-06-01.

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